Introducing OD Dray Rate Online

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You can now get your drayage rate estimates online!


*         You can now submit a request for Drayage Rate Estimates online.

*         The rate estimate will automatically provide you with a Rate Estimate reference number.

*         The Rate estimate will be saved in your account login "Rate Estimate History" section.

*         You can print or download the rate estimate.



In order to submit a rate estimate you will need the following information:


Specific Origin or Destination: Port, Rail Yard or Container Yard

Origin or Destination: Zip Code

Size of the Container (20, 40, 45, 48, or 53) Same rate applies 40STD & 40HC.

Steamship Line

Commodity: FAK (Freight All Kinds) or Hazardous Material* or Refrigerated or Both

Weight of the shipment

Accessorial Charges that may apply


Please Note the OD Dray Rate Online tool will only return rate estimates for Port Yards, Rail Yards or Container Yards that OD serves direct.


Transloading or Specialized Rate Estimate Needed

Please contact


Old Dominion does not handle 100% of all Hazardous Material classes.

Before shipping, please contact the OD Drayage Service Center to provide a full hazardous material legal description to verify OD's ability to handle the items.

Container Drayage Service Locations


Need assistance using the OD Dray Rate Online Tool,

Please try our Dray Rate Online Manual.

If you have a question about the OD Dray Rate Online application that is not covered in the manual, or if you need to have your password reset, please e-mail with your request.